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Grimm's Germanisten Congresses (1846-47) to be placed online

SPIN will place a digitized version online of the proceedings of Jacob Grimm's congresses of Germanisten in Frankfurt (1846) and Lübeck (1847).

This initiative has been undertaken in association with the University Library of the University of Amsterdam, and with support from the Duitsland-Instituut Amsterdam and from Amsterdam University Press.

These congresses brought together the cream of Germany's philologists, historians and legal scholars, three specialisms united in what Grimm called Germanistik. The congresses consolidated the study of German culture and mentality into a new, authoritative discipline and also signalled the readiness of Germanisten to place this new discipline at the service of a new, increasingly assertive German nationalism. The delegates at these conferences not only represent some of the leading intellects of their generation (Arndt, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Dahlmann, Droysen, Gervinus, Ranke, Uhland, etc.), many of them also were elected representative in the Frankfurt Parliament of 1848. In the discussions at these congresses, not only important philological agendas were outlined (such as the project of a comprehensive dictionary of the German lnguage, ultimately to become the benchmark Grimm Wörterbuch), but also matters of political import, such as the German claims on the contested territory of Schleswig-Holstein.

The proceedings of the Germanisten-congresses as a conduit from cultural to political nationalism are well-known, but the texts themselves have not been readily available. SPIN hopes to meet this desideratum. The texts will be placed online in two parallel forms: as PDFs of the original printed pages and in searchable transcript, with a search interface and accompanying background information.

Collegium Budapest and SPIN agree on research cooperation

Collegium Budapest (the Hungarian Institute for Advanced Studies) which is at present condicting a large project on "Medievalism, archaic origins and regimes of historicity:  Alternatives to antique tradition in the nineteenth century in east-central, southeast and northern Europe" has agreed to explore possibilities for future cooperation with SPIN so as to bring further relevant topics and researchers from more European countries into this field of research. For more on the Collgium Budapest project, see under "Links".

Verhandlungen der Germanisten (1846 and 1847) to be made available on-line

SPIN is planning to place the proceedings of the two conferences organized by Jacob Grimm in 1846 and 1847 online. These conferences are well known as point of intersection between the world oif learning and pre-1848 politics. many of the participants were delegates in the Frankfurt Parliament of 1848, and national politics were vehemently discussed on these occasions. The digitization will be a joint project with the Amsterdam University Library and (possibly) other partners.

New book series “The National Cultivation of Culture”

Brill Publishers have started a new book series reflecting the recent surge of interest in cultural aspects of nation-building. The series title is “The National Cultivation of Culture”; more information on the publisher’s website.

Participations in funding applications for FP 7 en HERA

SPIN is a participating partner in consortia that have tendered, or are about to tender, applications to the Framework Programme 7 and to the HERA research initiative More details will be posted as these proposals make their way (successfully, it is hoped) through the selection process.