S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

New online: Instruction videos for SpInTime maps-in-time

The time-dynamic maps of cultural developments across Europe and across the 19th century (accessible under the menu header "SpInTime mappings") are now demonstrated by means of four short demonstration videos explaining how to use their interface.

You can view these videos by way of the links below

a map-in-time of epistolary networks 1 
     (introduction: geographical/historical visualization of first- and second-order networks; 8 min. 22")

a map-in-time of epistolary networks 2
     (finding connections between individuals; social vs geographical mapping; 5 min.)

a map-in-time of epistolary networks 3
     (complex clusters-of-clusters: cities, interlocking coteries; 6 min. 23")

mapping commemorative statues in European spaces 
     (5 min. 49")