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Essay on the periodization of Romantic Nationalism published

Joep Leerssen’s essay When was Romantic Nationalism? The onset, the long tail, the banal has been published as a pamphlet by our affiliate NISE as the second in their series of "NISE Essays". It is available in print and online.

To order a printed version (free of charge), contact SPIN. A PDF is online and can be downloaded by clicking here


The essay defines the periodization used for the ongoing Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (ERNiE), situating Romantic Nationalism within the long nineteenth century, with a tapering "afterlife" after 1914.

Further specifics on ERNiE can be accessed on ths site from the navigation menu on the left.


An earlier article on the typology and characteristics of Romantic Nationalism, outlining and defining the concept, was published as "Notes towards a definition of Romantic Nationalism" in Romantik: Journal for the Study of Romanticism, 2 (2013): 9-35. A preprint of that article has also been posted on this site and can be downloaded by clicking here.