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New textbase online

The textbase section of the SPIN website now contains 250 representative texts, both patriotic verse and significant pieces of prose discourse. They have been arranged in a database which makes searching/browsing easier.

Texts have been tagged by genre, author, year and nationality. The textbase can be accessed under the category "Texts" in the SPinTime viewer.

The Textbase contains the older Verse Anthology (now in the process of expansion) and the "Writings" hitherto posted on the SPIN spite. A new, important text has been added: E.M. Arndt’s seminal 1813 pamphlet Der Rhein, Teutschlands Strom, aber nicht Teutschlands Gränze.

SPIN was surprised to find that no full English translation appeared to be available of this notorious kick-off point for cultural geopolitics and French-German territorial rivalry in Europe, and, having commissioned one from UvA Talen (the University of Amsterdam Translation Bureau) we are now happy to offer the text in its full form to the scholarly community in English. A direct link to the English version is here.