S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

SPinTime in the new Grimm museum

The newly opened GRIMMWELT, an ambitious museum project on the Brothers Grimm in Kassel, features a visualization of their correspondence driven by the technology developed in collaboration with SPIN. For a blog report on the display and the event, see the blog post by the developers, Lab1100, here.

The dynamic space/time-visualization of correspondence networks, a SPIN pilot project, was developed jointly with lab1100 and can be seen in operation on the SPinTime viewer . The full metadata of the Grimms’ correspondence, more than 20,000 letters in all, were obtained through a collegial collaboration with the Arbeitsstelle Grimm-Briefwechsel Berlin and is now on display in Kassel. A posting on the SPIN website is being prepared.

Two SPIN PhD projects commencing in 2016

SPIN is funding two PhD positions, to commence in January 2016. They deal with Romantic Nationalism and the transnational "cultivation of culture" in Scandinavism and in late-Ottoman Turkey, respectively. SPIN welcomes its two new team members, Usman Ahmedani (for the Ottoman/Turkish project) and Tim van Gerven (for the Scandinavism project).