S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

2015 into 2016: stock-taking and goals

2015 has been an exciting year for us: Following three launch events (at the LSE in April, the Ecole normale supérieure in May, and the NWO festival “Bessensap” in The Hague in June), ERNiE has gone publicly online in a sleek interface under the URL http://romanticnationalism.net . 2016 will complete that process:

– the encyclopedia and the search interface will be more tightly and harmoniously integrated with the presentation of the correspondence networks and the primary materials;
– those materials in our image-, music- and textbases are being added to at a rapid rate and will reach representative coverage in the coming year;
– a print-on-demand module for user-selected articles will become operative;
– the encyclopedia part of ERNiE will be completed. We have in recent months decided to “round off” the European coverage by commissioning articles for Armenian, Georgian, Jewish, Maltese and Turkish “Romantic Nationalism”, as well as clarifying our editiorial policy on “in-between” cultural communities such as Baltic-German.  


Most importantly, once the yet outstanding artices are brought in, we can move forward with the book publication agreed with Amsterdam University Press. Editorial closure is now foreseen for mid-2016, book design preliminaries are in progress.

It will be a very intense year for all of us at SPIN; but the work is hugely exciting and rewarding, and it is a real joy is to bring together, and to work with, such a diverse and expert group of colleagues from the most diverse backgrounds. SPIN and the ERNiE team wish all of you a Happy Christmas (or whatever name you give to your festive season…) and a fine 2016!