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Šafařík's ethnic map of the Slavs online

Pavel Josef Šafařík' s map of Slavic-settled territories (Slovanský Zeměvid, 1842) was a very important element in Slavic consciousness-raising. It is now online in a Hi-Res scan on this website and can be downloaded here..

The map was annexed to Šafařík's Slovanský Narodopis (Prague, 1842), and is not easily obtainable online or in printed form. (We have gratefully availed ourselves of the facsimile in the 1955 edition of Slovanský Narodopis by Hana Hunková (Prague, Nakladatelství Československé Akademie Věd), now itself fairly rare.) SPIN wanted to make this important document available to the research community. Please credit SPIN and the provenance if you make use of it in your publications.