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Improved ERNiE interface now online

SPIN is proud to present the new improved interface at http://romanticnationalism.net.The interface integrates the encyclopedia functions of ERNiE, the imagebase/textbase viewer and the networks visualization viewer. A full users’ manual is available here.

The new interface provides a portal to all the encyclopedic functions of the Encyclopedia as well as the documentation databases of primary materials. These have now been tightly integrated so that Materials will hyperlink to the Encyclopedia and vice versa. Both make extensive use of SPIN’s ‘Mapping machine’, providing graphic and time-dynamic visualizations of diffusion patterns, mobility and communicative exchanges.


The new interface combines intuitive ease of access with a carefully graded hands-on ability to unlock extensive and complex resources. In addition, it has (we feel) been attractively designed, combining visual appeal and a restful, serene presentation.


The technical architecture was created by lab1100 in close collaboration with the SPIN team and with Studio Dodemont. We are very happy with the result and feel that with its new interactive and integrated design, ERNiE will provide important comparatist resources and new perspectives the transnational and intermedial study of nationalism.


We invite you to take a look at ERNiE at http://romanticnationalism.net.

SPIN affiliate Simon Halink wins ASEN prize

SPIN congratulates its affiliate researcher Simon Halink on winning the Dominique Jacquin-Berdal memorial prize awarded by the Association for the Studies of Ethnicitiesd and Nationalism (ASEN).

The essay, on the Icelandic historian Jón J. Aðils (1869-1920), is based on a chapter from Halink’s dissertation on Norse mythology and Icelandic national culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and will be published in the association’s journal Nations and Nationalism.