S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

Workshop Icelandic Philology and National Culture, 1780-1918

SPIN will be hosting a workshop on Icelandic Philology on 3-4 November 2016. All lectures are open to all those interested. Full program.

Visualizing correspondence networks over time

Lab1100 in collaboration with SPIN has developed ultra-cool visualizations of correspondence networks as they develop in time and space. This development process has faced interesting challenges and generated exciting solutions, breaking new ground in the developing field of Digital Humanities.

The SPIN database contains the metadata of c. 38,000 letters by 19th-century artists and intellectuals.How the software developers of lab1100 mapped these data in European soace and over the 19th century with their "Nodegoat" technology can be read on their blog, at https://nodegoat.net/blog.p/82.m/18/network-visualisations-of-38000-letters.

To view the results, go to ERNiE, the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe, at http://RomanticNationalism.net, and select the "Explore Letters" option. In addition, many ERNiE articles come with illustrative mappings of the related correspondence.

ERNiE tops 1000 articles online

The number of articles in the Encyclopedia of Romanric Nationalism available for public online viewing has passed the 1000 mark. The integration between ERNiE and the documentation materials is also complete.

Each article can be visualized as to its connections with other themes and topics in Romantic Nationalism, and related material (writings, paintings, statues, buildings, musical compositions, letters) can also be called up with a single mouse-click. Check out ERNiE at http://RomanticNationalism.net.

The publication for the accompanying book version is envisaged for 2017.