S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

Cultural nationalism from the point of view of SPIN

Many research intiatives and websites deal with nationalism as a political ideology. SPIN deals with the cultural aspects of European nationalisms in the long nineteenth centry, and within that field of interest focuses specifically on the networks of intellectuals and scholars as well as artists.

National thought as it emerged in the nineteenth century was not merely a political ideology, it had an important cultural (linguistic, literary) component. One of the most important sources of inspiration for nascent nationalism was philological research into the nation's vernacular linguistic and literary "roots" and rootedness.

This philological and scholarly contribution to the development of national thought has been described in some individual instances. There remains, however, a major task: to situate these intellectuals and their endeavour in the context of European cultural and political history, to chart how and to which extent these "men of letters" formed communication networks, exchanging information and inspiration, while working on the interstice between various cultural fields, such as linguistics, literary history, cultural history, folklore study, the preparation of text and source editions (authentic, manipulated or wholly fabricated), and the writing of literary texts like historical novels or national epics.

NOTE: The material presented here is given as a raw preview; this section is still under construction.