S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

The SPIN Lectures

SPIN lecture 2009: John Breuilly (no text available)
SPIN lecture 2010: Miroslav Hroch

SPIN lecture 2011: Peter Burke

SPIN lecture 2012: Anne-Marie Thiesse

SPIN lecture 2013: Benedict Anderson (no text available)

SPIN lecture 2014: Tom Shippey (to be given 25 November)

SpInTime: Dynamically visualizing how exchange networks evolve in space and time

SPIN aims to map the epidemic diffusion of cultural nationalism across Europe by charting networks as they evolve over time. The challenge is

  • -- to visually render these networks both in space (over the European landmass) and dynamically in time (in the course of the "long nineteenth century

  • -- to develop a data management concept that allows flexible data input, multiple applicabilities, and low-threshold technology for high-quality visual rendering.

A first "Proof of Concept", developed for SPIN by Pim van Bree and Geert Kessels in consultation with Joep Leerssen, is now online.

To access the SpInTime map, click here. (NOTE: this will work in most browsers, but NOT in Internet Explorer 8).

An explanation of the SpInTime map and instructions for use can be accessed here.

A full description of the concept has been published in the series Working Papers, European Studies, Amsterdam, and can be downloaded from the European Studies website or by clicking here.

Working papers

Papers from the Workshop Cultural Saints: Cultural canonicity and identity formation of small European nations, January 2010.
Papers from the Workshop Clerics and the Vernacular, July 2010.
Papers from the Workshop Romantic Rhine Travels, October 2010.

The National Cultivation of Culture Series

1: Free Access to the Past: Romanticism, Cultural Heritage and the Nation  (edited by L. Jensen, J. Leerssen & M. Mathijsen). 2009
2: Inventing Luxembourg: Representations of the Past, Space and Language from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century (by P. Péporté, S. Kmec, B. Majerus & M.l Margue). 2010
3: Constructing the Middle Ages: Historiography, Collective Memory and Nation-Building in Luxembourg (by P. Péporté). 2011

4: Folklore and Nationalism in Europe During the Long Nineteenth Century (edited by Timothy Baycroft & David Hopkin). 2012

5: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Britain and the Low Countries (edited by Hugh Dunthorne & Michael Wintle). 2012
6: Manufacturing Middle Ages: Entangled History of Medievalism in Nineteenth-Century Europe (edited by Patrick J. Geary & Gábor Klaniczay). 2013
7: Manufacturing a Past for the Present: Forgery and Authenticity in Medievalist Texts and Objects in Nineteenth-Century Europe (edited by János M. Bok, Patrick J. Geary & Gábor Klaniczay). 2014
8: Stepbrothers: Southern Dutch Literature and Nation-Building under Willem I, 1814-1834 (by Janneke Weijermars). 2014

9: Choral Societies and Nationalism in Europe (edited by Krisztina Lajosi & Andreas Stynen). 2015

10: Exploring Transylvania: Geographies of Knowledge and Entangled Histories in a Multiethnic Province, 1790–1918 (by Borbála Zsuzsanna Török). 2015

11: The Harp and the Constitution (edited by Joanne Parker). 2015

The series appears with Brill Publishers, Leiden.