S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

Cultural nationalism, a deliberate and high-profile praxis in the 19th century, has by now merged into the general ambience of the nation state's (real or virtual) public spaces. It partakes of the condition described by Michael Billig as Banal Nationalism. Conversely, the importance and urgency of 19th-century cultural nationalism may go unrecognized because our contemporary gaze marks its expressions as "banal".


SPIN aims to make such expressions of cultural nationalism visible, in their iconography, their international spread and their proliferation across many different media of expression.


Some of these media are visual, others textual. Visual data are being collected in the "Imagebase". Two of our databases in the Imagebase are at present online: one on banknotes, one on commemorative statues. These databases, presented in Wikimedia format, can be acccessed from the menu sub-items. The Statues database is also presented as a "SpInTime map" and can be accessed from that menu item. 

An integrated viewer interface for all databases is now online; click here to access.