S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

Establishing a network

Much excellent work on the cultural roots and rhetoric of European nationalisms, and on the role of intellectuals in articulating and propagating a sense of national identities, has been done and is being done in recent decades. In many cases, however, the cases studied are from a particular country or region (from Iceland and Catalonia to Finland and Bulgaria), and/or from a particular cultural endeavour (e.g. folklore, the historical novel, history painting, public monuments or commemorations).

A transnationally comparative framework would benefit scholars working in (or on) different countries or regions by highlighting transnationally structural patterns and international exchanges (transfers, influences, confrontations etc.). Likewise, an interdisciplinary framework would bring into focus the tendency of cultural nationalism to manifest itself in a variety of cultural fields and genres.

SPIN hopes to gather scholars, current projects and research teams into a network and establish a research community, by means of a database, a webspace and more concretely by a number of self-funded or co-funded initiatives, as listed under nrs. 2-9.