S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms


Dynamically visualizing how
cultural patterns, networks and exchanges
evolve in space and time

SPIN aims to map the dissemination of cultural nationalism across Europe by charting cultural patterns and networks as they evolve over time. We aim to present these patterns in interactive, clickable maps visualizing networks and diffusion patterns, and dynamically morphable by means of a click/draggable time focus and time slider.

(NOTE: This feature will work in most browsers, but NOT in Internet Explorer 8; Chrome is fastest.
The speed of data selection depends on your internet connectivity, the speed and fluidity of visual rendering on the processing power of your computer ).

The Mapping machine has now been integrated as an analytical tool into the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (ERNiE) and its documentary materials.

Click here for a visualization of the network of ERNiE authors.

Click here for a visualization of the textual relations in the Encyclopedia - note the centrality of Scott, Goethe, Byron, and the citius of Paris and Vienna.