S·P·I·N - Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms

Cultural nationalism, a salient and emphatic praxis in the 19th century, has now merged into the general ambience of the nation state's (real or virtual) public spaces. It partakes of the condition described by Michael Billig as Banal Nationalism. Conversely, the importance and urgency of 19th-century cultural nationalism may go unrecognized because our contemporary gaze marks its expressions as "banal". SPIN aims to make such expressions of cultural nationalism visible, in their iconography, their international spread and their proliferation across many different media of expression.


Some of these media are visual, others textual. Textual data are being collected in the "Textbase". We include writings from various countries and genres (criticism, manifestos, verse) often more famous by reputation or from hearsay than in their actual textual substance. SPIN believes that a proper intellectual history of nationalism will also need to study the rhetorical and poetical aspects of the discourse in which it articulated itself. In order make relevant sources available, we aim to include

-- critical writings assembled, digitized and posted by SPIN. Among the latter are the proceedings of the Germanisten congresses of 1846 and 1847, and (in preparation) of the Prague Slavic Congress of 1848.
-- links to online full-text editions of the literary "classics" of Romantic nationalism,
-- a wiki of canonical nationalist poems from various European countries.


The textbase can also be accessed in the SPinTime viewer.


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